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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's, well....just plain been awhile

Hello followers! :)
I wanted to "update" and say that- yes...this is still happening.
Unfortunately there is no real update. We are without any information...all this time.
I've certainly been wrestling with God about the wait. Thankfully He's teaching me about His timing, and hanging on to Hope when the physical is not quite what I expected or wanted- honestly.

I wanted to clarify some things that I've gotten a lot of questions about;

*The reason we have to find a 5BR House:
Honestly I would live in a 3 BR, but there are rules when you do foster care.
Only 2 siblings can share a room. Male and female cannot share when over the age of 5. Adult cannot share with child (even in the case of siblings).
So the rooms are as follows...
1- Matt and I
2- Belise (adult sister)
3- Fiston (only boy and 15)
4- Ornela and Chance (14 and 12)
5- Lydie and Kerene (8 and 5)

*We have no contact with the kids. We have never seen any pictures. There are no pictures. We have about a paragraph of info on each child. We will meet them at the airport.

*We cannot act on a house until we get the notice that they are coming. We will probably only have 2 or 3 weeks when we get the notice until they actually arrive to find the house and move everything in.

*We do not know their sizes for clothes. We were told they will probably be a year younger in size.

We are still very excited and struggling with the wait- but trusting God. We consistently ask God if this is what He wants for our life and feel daily confirmation that it is.

A little update on me that might be encouraging to you-
I really thought the kids would be here in the summer. I decided at the beginning of summer that I would finish my work commitment out and then be able to stay at home with the kids in the fall. I made sure I could take off 2 weeks to be with them during the summer whenever they arrived. Then, they didn't come. At the end of summer I started worrying. I didn't have a job lined up for the fall. My boss asked me if I wanted to commit and get something lined up. I asked God what to do. He said, "Don't panic. Leave space for me to provide." So I said no- I didn't want to commit and then have the kids arrive. And I didn't want to be working and not be there for them as much as possible. I did start panicking a little, and kept asking God- "why did you have me do that? What am I supposed to do now?" When the summer was over- my work asked me to stay on for an entire week to help do cleaning and organizing for the school year. The next 2 weeks I was needed as a sub. The week after that I subbed 3 out of 5 days. On top of all of that consistent work, I picked up more jobs. Everything I do is temporary right now. It's mostly sub/event basis. And God has used it to provide to the full extent. I have been so fulfilled that I have had to turn not only 1- but many things down. I have been able to make choices about what I want to do. I am so amazed at how God always provides. Matt and I continue to decide not to worry - and to replace that with relying on God for our needs. When I act as though it's me to fix things and make sure everything is safe and secure- I make an idol out of myself. I don't leave space for God to show off. I'm not saying that we should spend money immaturely and not plan. I'm saying that God expects us to be good stewards of what He has provided- but to remember that it comes from Him. Anyways- just something that we are learning.

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Preciosa said...

Melissa, I don't know a house but I know that God will make a way. He always does! So I will be praying for you, Matt and the kids to God make a way where there seems to be no way. Because He works in ways we cannot see!