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Friday, February 24, 2012


FOR REAL!!!! :)

March 6th is their arrival date.
So let's find a house and 6 mattresses!

Help us! :)

That's less than 2 weeks away!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

....pending travel :)

Last week I was running from work to home to walk our new puppy and then to a rehearsal, when I noticed an email on my phone that read "Kizungu Good News." My heart skipped as expected, and I stopped with the dog to read that our kids are...Pending Travel!!!!
Hilariously, I finished the walk screaming and jumping the whole way. It's amazing the timing. So many things have happened that needed to before their arrival. I'm so thankful that God is in charge and doesn't let me rule!
So..We should be getting news very soon that their tickets are bought. We will probably have alot more notice than we thought. The program director at Catholic Charities has made a guess that they will arrive on April 1st. It makes me smile, because we first found out about them last April :) we go to find a 5BR house as close to Redwood City and our budget as possible.
It's hard to not have answers sometimes, but I know that God has everything in place and will reveal things in His own timing.

Pray with us for growing faith, provision of housing and other needs, and for God's glory to be shown in this adventure. How exciting.