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Thursday, November 1, 2012

God has been so faithful

Hello all! :)
After months of silence I am ready to start writing and sharing again.
Let me tell you that God is good. When He told me in the very beginning of all of this that He would provide, he indeed meant it. It's funny now to look at my easily accessible doubt. He has been beyond faithful. He has blessed us abundantly.

Want to know what I've been learning?
You can't do it all
Keep praying
It's okay if you can't fix it
You messed up again, but God WILL cover you with His grace
Take care of yourself or you're out of the runnings to take care of anyone else
Continue to give in the midst of fear and when things don't add up
Take a nap
Play with the dog
Listen to advice and then remember that nobody really understands your own circumstances better than you and the Holy Spirit
It's okay that everyone thinks you're crazy
Keep asking for help
Take a break when you feel like strangling someone
Listen first, process, don't feel like responses have due dates
Trust God with everything you possibly can release your grip on

I want you to know how thankful I am. My life has made such a turn and although I face challenges every single moment, the Lord has given me such treasure. I am crazy about my family. I love our house. The quirks and pet peeves of each of our children. I love how much fruit I buy every week. I love setting timers, taking pictures, playing 4 square, making nutella, listening to Swahili, watching ridiculous movies, talking about maturity. I am so fulfilled.

If God ever asks you to "jump" with him, don't be scared like I was. He is beyond Faithful. He has abundance and He wants to give it to you.

Have a great day friends!