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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moving, Waiting,...Jumping

I'm sorry I have been off the grid, as it seems, for the past few days.
Here's what's been happening.
Friday Matt went to work like it was a normal day. A couple hours after he left, I got a call that the kids were coming. We had 11 days notice to prepare.
At first, I just ran around the house screaming. Literally, I ran back and forth from living room to the bedroom screaming, "AHHHHHHH!!!" :) My dogs were so confused!!!
I called my landlord for our 1BR apt to give notice, but without the 30 notice, I would still have to pay for March. They said that if I could find someone to live there that I might be able to avoid that.
We started packing. And praying. Lot's of praying. For a house, for direction, help surrendering, wisdom, discernment, provision....I'm sure you can imagine.
We tried to get the word out to as many people possible so that we could turn on all resources for support. Even in a matter of hours God started to show us that He was in control and more than capable of being Director and Master of this adventure
Saturday Matt was a bumbling bee, full of anticipation and excitement. We started to take turns, as if on some kind of schedule, freaking out and calming the other down.
We went to see this house in RWC that was labeled as a 4BR with a possible chance to make it into a 5BR. It was a 3BR :). So we kept packing and praying and following the "freak out" schedule.
Sunday was much the same as we went to church and met up with different people to pray and touch base and then home again to pack more.
On Monday we went down to San Jose to meet up with our team at Catholic Charities. We came up with a contingency plan for what to do if we do not have a place by the time the kids arrive. We will make the call on Sunday/Monday. So...last case scenario; we stay in a hotel in San Mateo until our place is ready. It feels good to have a back up plan. I really don't want it to come to that, but I keep trying to surrender my own perception of what's best-to God. Maybe that's what's really best for us. We are doing are best to just let go of ANYTHING we might be trying to hang onto. We want EVERY single aspect of our life to be something that God has breathed into it and not of our own fleshly agenda.
Monday night we found someone that wanted to live in our apartment as soon as possible.
This was a huge miracle that we haven't even been able to boast in the Lord about yet.
We were so consumed with everything else going on, that we had not yet done our part in trying to get a renter into our place so that we could avoid paying for March. Lo, and behold our Loving Lord had it all in His hands.
A co-worker of Matt's had been looking for a place and was not sure what to do about not finding a place yet. She was talking about it at work and Matt, jokingly, offered her to live in our place...and she said YES!
So on Monday night, we realized we needed to move Wednesday.
Tuesday we put it into high gear. We woke up to begin moving in serious fashion. We had asked at 11pm on facebook if anyone was willing to wake up at 6am the next day to help us. I was doubtful we would be joined, but to our surprise a loving servant called to say she was coming soon and what was our coffee order! What a blessing! I was so scared and overwhelmed and then God answered that need with a huge amount of encouragement and tangible support...and with practically no notice! Last minute decisions kept rolling in. I decided it was best for our puppy, Rogue, to be boarded during this stressful time and for Gambit to stay with us. I drove to Pacifica to drop her off and was having a conversation with God on the way back. I was telling Him how scared I was and how I just wanted Him to direct me in whatever way He wanted to go.
This is what I heard him say, "Jump with will be fun"
I told Him I was scared, and that I wasn't sure if I was ready, that I wasn't sure I could trust Him. I had that whole ride back home to wrestle and decide that I was ready to trust Him, whatever the outcome might be.
I got home and we continued to pack. Then God sent a faithful army to join us.
Not one, but 2 of my friends had other important plans where they last minute felt peace from the Lord and decided to leave to help and support.
So, people came and helped us pack everything up, a truck last minute was provided and we moved every big piece of furniture out by the end of the night.
We only had the kitchen, all of the random items around, and cleaning to finish on Wednesday. By Wednesday I was emotionally exhausted. Loving friends hosted us the night before and although I had their whole house and my whole apartment I could have camped out in, I decided to do my work in my car outside Matt's work. I just didn't want to be by myself with my emotions going in so many directions. With so much left to do still and fear a tempting persistence, God brought people in my path to pray for me that morning. I went home feeling stronger to pack up the kitchen and all of the randomness. After the car's battery dying at 2am and a call to AAA, Matt and I finally had finished moving out of our apartment.
We walked upstairs to take it in and thank God for the season we went through in that place, and then we left.
This morning (Thursday), we woke up and drank in the new step of the journey with our breakfast, followed by a meeting with our support team at PCC, our church. We gave an update and then off to work and do errands we went...waiting and jumping :)

Logistical Updates:

*Their arrival is Wednesday, March 7
The first notice of travel is often not very clear and so we found out Tuesday that the 6th is when they arrive in the US (JFK) and that they will arrive in San Jose at 3pm on the following day.

*We are now expanding our housing search to Fremont!
As well as the entire Peninsula and San Jose
Pray for God to lead us to the exact spot He wants us!

Happy Birthday Belise!!!


Laura Piotrowski said...

May God continue to be your strength through this week of preparations. :) Thank you for sharing so we can support you in prayer.

Healey Grant said...

Oh Melissa, I am praying for you! What a busy and exhausting time you two have had! I am so excited to hear what else God has in store for you with this adventure. Please keep us posted.