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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Waiting Some More

I've been talking to a lot of people lately that have gone through the adoption process (both domestically for some and internationally for others), and it surprises me how much they also had to wait. Our wait has been absolutely nothing compared to the ups and downs that many people had to go through over the course of six to even 18 months! God is continuing to grow my own patience in this process, and he is teaching me about the blessing that does not come with instant gratification.

In the meantime Mel and I are finding new ways to keep this a reality in our everyday lives. I would love if you joined one of us in a schedule of prayer.

Monday: Matt: Belise (21) Melissa: Kerene (5)
Tuesday: Matt: Fiston (15) Melissa: Lydie (8)
Wednesday: Matt: Ornela (14) Melissa: Chance (12)
Thursday: Matt: Chance (12) Melissa: Ornela (14)
Friday: Matt: Lydie (8) Melissa: Fiston (15)
Saturday: Matt: Kerene (5) Melissa: Belise (21)
Sunday: Both: Family Unity (marriage, kids, Gambit)

A little bit of an update on our home search. After speaking with our social worker we now realize that tying to convert a garage or a dining room into a fifth bedroom will be too complicated to make sure it would all be legal. So we are looking for 5 bedroom houses (this does include 4 + bonus room/office or 4 + an in-law apartment). We do really want this home to be in Redwood City. However, we are willing to compromise if that is what God wants for our family.

We also found out that the kids' current status is "pending medical exam" whatever that means. But we are still being assured that they are coming, and most likely this summer! Please keep praying. These kids are going to need every last bit of us we can offer, and I am getting more and more excited to give. I want to live my life dying to myself and living for Christ.

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