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Monday, June 13, 2011


many have approached me in this time with their own anxieties. And strangely enough, i have no anxieties. not about this. I can assure you that this is not due to things like not thinking about it, pretending it's a piece of cake, and many other absurd reactions.
i believe the reason i am not anxious is only because God has given me peace considering this circumstance, and He is allowing me to trust Him and not pretend that it's me who makes things happen in my life.
so....things are good.
we continue to watch the ball roll forward. We've filled out forms, met with more staff, had more interviews, looked at more houses...we found a place that could work in Sunnyvale. We applied, and haven't heard anything. I'm beginning to have 2nd round hopes of Redwood City. It does seem like a shot in the dark to me considering the cost of rent versus other locations. But, we will see.

Things we need to figure out fast: people want to financially support- how should we do that?
please pray for wisdom for us specifically in this during this week so that we can get this decided and worked out. PRAISE THE LORD for calling on willing hearts!!!! Thank you to ALL OF YOU who are doing this!

A new friend has come forward to partner along side us in this, and his first big step is getting us a storage unit to start collecting the things for all of our rooms. I am excited about this as it will clarify our real needs. THANK YOU!
We continue to see people step forward that want to be apart of this crazy amazing thing God is doing. Please pray that God would reveal clarity of His purposes in the roles people will have in all of this. and please let us know if God is calling YOU to be apart of our lives in any way. We are so excited to serve alongside our community.

we are still waiting. but to answer your question- YES it is happening. Yes it's happening now. Yes with us and Yes with this family.
No it is not dependent on whether/when we get the house
it IS happening and God's timing is better than mine or yours
we are full of contentment and excitement in this season, and thankful of all God wants to patiently teach us

If you have any time at all to be challenged and encouraged, then read Beth Guckenberger's book, "Reckless Faith"....

[...]those of us who work in this ministry won't stop until God tells us to. We will continue to fight and pray (and continue to invite you to do so as well) for the marginalized and abandoned children. We will serve children - sweating for them, defending them, and standing beside them - in the name of Jesus.
Please join us as we stay up late talking, worrying, praying for and with the child who is "waking up." Cry and laugh with us at their antics and delight with us in their successes. They need discipline, with consistency and humility, while they test their boundaries. Will you commit with us to provide them a home and lead them out of the darkness and loneliness? Will you be used by God to vindicate them, and every once in a while watch one be literally rescued?

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NovelTeaMommy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so comfortable with YOUR decisions and not succoming to the guilt and opinions of others :D

Hope your wait is short and you find a house that fits all your needs perfectly :)