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Monday, March 26, 2012


Of course the story continues :)
The timeline blurs now, so we will switch to events and praises.

I'm sure you are all waiting to hear about the house...
Our friend went to view a bunch of houses in the areas that I mentioned. I didn't go to see them with her as I had a million things to do, but a friend that did told me what happened.
She looked at Belmont and San Mateo and decided that we needed to live in Redwood City. She went to visit 2 houses that were no longer on the market, both in RWC and decided that it was between the 2 that she would make a move. She would pray and wait for discernment before moving forward. One was downtown, and one within walking distance to the church.
My heart was not in this debate as I was full of doubt and fear and contended with the Lord that I did not deserve this kind of provision and was sure it would fall through.

But alas, God is big. and powerful and loving.
She chose the house on Virginia Ave (within walking distance to the church)
She put an offer in and the owners accepted.
WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!! We have to wait awhile to move in, but we have a place to stay.
What a huge that God did. And there is absolutely no way for me to take credit. I didn't even know this woman :)

With the help of urgency from the realtor, I had purchase agreement in hand and was able to push my way to get my kids into Redwood City Schools.
We have had to commute for the time being, but I prefer it over another transition for them.
It was on Thursday that we finally had them all enrolled and Matt and I took our first date as parents that morning to a museum and bookstore for an hour :)

Ready for another Miracle?
The commute is obviously very hard on us all. It takes about an hour from house to school. With all of the different schools and class end time, we have to wait in Redwood City starting at 12:40 until 4:40 for the last bell until we go home. And try getting your kids in a schedule when you live in a house with 17 people. Throw in lots of different cultures, a dislike of all American food, a million doctors appointments, and lots of homework and what do you get? An exhausted and overwhelmed family. Needless to say this isn't the best situation as a transition to America :)
It's definitely been a blessing in many ways, but I knew that God had healthier provision in store for us. Although I was told that it wouldn't happen, we began to brainstorm about a temporary place to stay in Redwood City until our new house was ready.
A few days ago another woman I don't know contacted a friend of ours saying that she would like to host us in her house.
She has 4 open bedrooms and will allow our dogs to stay. We request a temporary exception the bedroom rules. A verbal exception is granted.
Can you believe this? God is AMAZING!!!
We are awaiting more legal jargon, but should be moving there in a few days hopefully.
I am overwhelmed at God and His Love. Jehovah Jirah indeed.

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Becky Dixon said...

Hooray! I am so happy for yall and it is incredible how God is using your story to reassure all of those around you about his love and provision and guidance. Thank you for being willing to be used for his glorious purpose! Love you!