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Monday, March 26, 2012

family details :)

Quickly while I have internet access I will write as many treats as I can think of to give you a vision of our wonderful gift of a family;

We are beginning to see their personalities very clearly already! It's fun to see each of them uniquely emerge. Lydie is the light of the family, bringing joy and mischief. Kerene is sensitive and adorable, quick to obey and follow. Ornela is simply beautiful. She is a servant at heart and strong in mind. Chance is hilarious. She is constantly saying things that we exchange for a laugh and I know she will charm many as they enter our home. Fiston is respectful and gracious; quick to help and eager to learn. Belise...she is amazing. She is a strong woman, considerate, bold, willing- truly a beacon indeed.

We often wake up to find the youngest girls singing and dancing in their bedroom. I am doing my best to learn as many key phrases in swahili as possible. I am trying to learn to cook food they like and they are trying to eat things they don't like. :) We go to the park, hang out at home, watch Footloose and Mary Poppins, read books, and are becoming a family. Of course we have hiccups, but I am so thankful. I see that God has been preparing me for this my entire life.

The other day the kids voted Matt as the Kizungu family President :)
I am the First Lady, Fiston the Vice President, Ornela the minister, Chance the radio???!!!, Lydie the "first born", Kerene the "last born", and Belise the cook :)

The 2nd day they were here we went to the beach. Lydie and Kerene were terrified of the water. We built sand castles and ran into the ocean, collecting rocks. When Matt and I went to put our shoes on and leave the sweetest moment happened.
Lydie took our shoes back off and began to clean our feet from the sand. They she put our shoes back on for us. She didn't speak much English at this point and it was such a precious sign of respect. When Kerene stepped off the plane, she didn't speak any English at all. They are learning so fast. They are so happy too.

Pray for continued bonding! I've finally updated our needs list:

more stories to come later...


Anonymous said...

You two are heroes of miune. I love you so much. Can't fwait to see the family again at Church. Be sure to get rest, Moms need it.

Lisa Marie Wong said...

I have some things you had on your needs list, but I don't know if you still need them. A lady shared about your story today at Mothers Together in Mountain View. Please email if you get a chance and let me know what you still need.God bless you.