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Sunday, May 22, 2011

a posture of patience...

Hello all!
Thank you for following our new adventure. So here's the current excitement;
We were all nervous and concerned about finding a house. We felt like it was (1) the biggest thing and (2) the thing that would make everything work out. But guess what- most of the time God doesn't want us to be concerned about making everything a safe situation that requires minimal risk for the sake of security and personal control. I think he actually desires quite the opposite.
It's funny because this whole week I've been feeling weird about looking at houses, and I haven't really been able to place it. As soon as I realized the timing wasn't right, I felt this overwhelming freedom and excitement, not to mention peace. Waiting like this is going to require a huge amount of faith as we will continue to look at houses and let them pass by, regardless of our interest in them, until we get the notice that the kids are coming on a specific date. I'm not exactly clear on the timeline, but I believe that after the initial faxed date fyi, it should be 3 to 6 weeks until they arrive?
So- I am excited because like we all know- God loves to provide at the last minute. And it's such a great lesson in dependance and trust in Him everytime. I so want to continue releasing my white knuckle grasp on my life. May He teach me to be GENEROUS with my faith, among all other fruits of the spirit.

Exciting news is that we do have a car!!! PCC is GIVING us a van. THANK YOU PCC!!!!

For now, we will be continuing to get the word out there as well as moving along with the paperwork. We have to get a health screening and fingerprints, and need to have resources for such accordingly.

I just want to say I'm excited. May God never stop in His teaching me to Trust and Be Generous.


Anonymous said...

Love love love this! And, so great you have a van! Will be praying for THE house to be found! - Jenn Wong

Anonymous said...

Look for the CA lady and note her blurb. Maybe she can be a resource?